When they see where and how I live, people usually say to me: Oh, how good you have it, enjoying your retirement days. You look after your granddaughter, mow the grass or chop wood, take care of your garden, you breathe fresh air and enjoy the peace and quiet. And at the same time, the capital is close to you, if you happen to need anything.
And that’s mostly true. I don’t know who should I be thankful to, but I am grateful for everything.

And yet… something is bugging me, not letting me be at peace.

Many people know that I planned to go to China by bike during the summer, but I gave up because of family obligations. And I’m not feeling sorry about the decision I’ve made. First of all, it feels good being needed at an age when it’s only natural to be more of a nuisance than a need. It strengthens you a bit and moves you a little. I’m healthy and strong, why should I calm down? Why should I sit on the terrace, watch the sunrises and sunsets and think about life? About the past or life in general, doesn’t make a difference. I am not that wise old man with a beard who pours out great truths in simple sentences. My beard is short, and when it grows a little, it bothers me.
So, my responsibilities towards family will be significantly reduced at the end of the summer. It’s not like I’ll be in the way, but it will come to that at some point, sooner or later.  That’s why I made the decision to enjoy my retirement differently starting from October 1st. Zorka (my bicycle) and I will go to the southern hemisphere. Will take it easy, as we did when we left for Lisbon exactly one year ago. And even easier. Not having an exact idea of ​​leaving and arriving, but of traveling, learning and describing. Okay, I’ll do the describing, not Zorka. The goal is to reach the extreme continental south of Africa, the Cape of Agulhas. Then Cape Town and return to Belgrade by plane.